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Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022

All Locations

Focusing  on patient safety is a critical part of providing high-quality health care and is always our top priority at HMH. In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week, this year we are calling on you to take the HMH Patient Safety Pledge

Represented by our SAFETY acronym, our high reliability universal skills guide our decisions and actions and serve as the foundation of our daily work – Speak up for safety; Attention to detail; Focus on best practices; Effective communication; Thinking critically; and, You and me together. As ONE TEAM for Safety, we have an obligation to cross check each other as we ensure safe health care for our patients. By taking the pledge, we stand united in striving to reduce preventable harm and in our commitment to safety across the care continuum. 

HMH Patient Safety Pledge

I commit to work in partnership with my colleagues at HMH to reduce preventable harm and improve the experience of health care for our patients and team members. I will:

To accept the pledge, send this Wambi between March 13 and March 19. You will then be entered into a raffle to win a prize! Click here for step-by-step instructions.